Margot Robbie doesn’t know when he’ll return to Harley Quinn image again

Margot Robbie doesn‘t know when she will again have the opportunity to return to Harley Quinn’s image after James Gunn‘s โ€œSuicide Squad. โ€ Robbie plans to take a break from the character as filming of โ€œBirds of Preyโ€ and the new โ€œSquadโ€ went too close together โ€” supporting Quinn’s image for a long time, she said, was not easy. So she doesn‘t even puzzle the next time she returns to the role.

Also, the actress was unaware of the fate of her heroine in Zack Snyder’s โ€œJustice Leagueโ€ โ€” in the film‘s epilogue Batman from the Future mentions that โ€œHarley died at him on his hands. โ€ However, such a move did not surprise Robbie.

She compared a similar approach to the character’s fate to the way they are dealt with in comics. Sometimes they are present in new stories in the same series, and sometimes they are not.

And in that sense, DC films remind her originals, when each tape tells its own plot with a new author โ€” whereas Marvel has the details of the film ribbons more tighly linked together. According to her, this move is unlikely to affect the fate of the heroine in a global sense, because one director‘s decision will not necessarily be relevant to the rest of the multiverse.

In one sense, that’s what James Gunn did, as the new โ€œSquadโ€ is not actually related to the old one. More on CCeit โ€œMovie Search HDโ€ Leaders by Subscriber in 2021 Square Enix Makes a Game Based on โ€œSteel Alchemistโ€ Authors of โ€œDoctor Sna& raquo; working on a film adaptation of horror comic about monsters.