Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope team tripled

From Multiplayer. it‘s recent interview with Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope developers, few details of the upcoming sequel. For starters, the development team has increased almost three times the first part and inflated to almost three hundred people.

According to Creative Director David Soliani, this scaling is associated with the very ambitious goals of the project. First, there is a huge amount of power to create different worlds between which will have to travel player.

Secondly, the game will no longer have “corridor” links between battles: we will be given a chance to run around locations. Third, the camera will be untied from the “view from above” and be given completely under our control.

Finally, the developers are going to almost completely redo the battle system: in their turn, the player will directly control the character. Separately, the developers noted a couple more points.

At the request of players, they will allow “pati” to be collected from both “rabbits” and only from Nintendo world characters. There is also a huge focus now on creating “memorable characters,” namely featured in the official Rabbid Rosalina trailer.

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