Mario+ Rabbids Sparks of Hope went to gold

The creators of Mario+ Rabbids Sparks of Hope announced that the tactical adventure went to gold, which means that postponements are extremely unlikely – Ubisoft will be released on October 20 for Nintendo Switch. This is what journalists should share their first impressions of the project tomorrow. Sparks of Hope is a continuation of the popular Mario+ Rabbids Kingdom Battle strategy, which was released in 2017.

In the sequel, we will embark on an interplanetary journey to save our sparks. This mission is subject to nine heroes, of which we will be able to choose three.

Moreover, Ubisoft recently announced that Rayman will be one of the additional Sparks of Hope characters. More on this 1 million people visited Cyberpunk 2077 every day The Texas Chainsaw Massacre game is praised for its atmosphere and fun The Valiant medieval strategy has received a new trailer and release date on PC.