Mark Darrah: Jade Empire 2 cancelled in her ‘finest moment’

Former BioWare employee Mark Darrah, who worked for the company for 23 years, spoke about the development of Jade Empire 2 in one of his videos. According to him, the project was cancelled at its โ€œbest moment. โ€ Darrah noted that Jade Empire 2 was originally intended to continue the story of the first part and unfolded through several decades after the original events.

However, the switch to the Unreal Engine pushed developers towards a โ€œmodern settingโ€ โ€” several hundred years after the events of Jade Empire. Darrahs bad ending explained that the plot was built around the protagonist, a member of a special unit who was investigating instances of the use of magic.

The latter was successfully suppressed for hundreds of years. At the same time, the project was renamed Revolver, and the connection with Jade Empire was almost removed โ€” Darrah did not approve of this decision.

Later, the game was cancelled altogether. Darrah explained that EA was pushing BioWare to downsize, and at the same time, the development of Mass Effect 2 and Dragon Age: Origins needed more specialists.

Deciding to opt out Revolder was sad news for developers. According to Darra, the project had a really interesting narrative, and the day before its cancellation, the team released a successful demo.

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