Marriage proposal banner airplane crashes and catches fire in Montreal

A banner plane topped by a marriage proposal crashed in a park in Montreal Canada on Saturday night. The pilot was badly injured in the accident, his passenger was killed.

Het Nieuwsblad reports that. Pilot Gian Pierro Ciambella flew his Cessna 172 above Montreal with a banner with a wedding proposal on his plane. It is not yet clear whether Ciambella wanted to propose himself or whether it was a proposal from someone else. Ciambella, who was badly injured in the crash, had a passenger on board during the flight. The passenger did not survive the accident.

The Cessna got into trouble for fifteen minutes after takeoff, presumably due to engine problems. The highly experienced pilot failed to get the aircraft grounded safely. The plane crashed and caught fire immediately after that.

There is an investigation into the cause of the tragic accident. โ€œWe are trying to speak to the pilot as soon as possible to get more clarity,โ€ said Chris Krepski of the Canadian Transport Safety Council. โ€œThere have been reports of engine problems, but for now we cannot rule out other causes.โ€