Mars scout Perseverance takes second monster on Mars

The Mars explorer Perseverance rover took a second sample of Mars rock and conducted an initial analysis of the catch, the US space agency NASA said Friday. The samples are โ€œprobably volcanic with hints of salts that may contain old water,โ€ NASA tweeted.

On Monday, Perseverance had the first sample of Mars rock called Montdenier. Two days later, the second sample was extracted from the same rock, which became known on Saturday. The second sample has been named Montagnac and will be kept in a special container tube just like Montdenier.

The American space agency wants to find evidence through Perseverance that microbes have lived on the red planet. The six-wheeled Mars Explorer landed in a crater on the planet at the end of February, following an eight-year development programme that cost some 2.12 billion euros. His work area is the crater Jezero where billions of years ago, when Mars would have flowed water, a river may have flowed into a lake. The scout is equipped with more than twenty cameras and a drill.