Marseille and PSG forget to score in spectacular and chaotic match

Olympique Marseille and Paris Sain-Germain tied goalless Sunday night. Despite this, plenty happened at the Stade Vรฉlodrome: multiple goals were rejected, referee Benoรฎt Bastien gave a red card and Marseille fans did not show themselves their best side.
Marseille started a strong game with PSG, but after fifteen minutes of play it seemed to be lagging behind in its own stadium. Through Neymar, a defender of Les Olympiens made their own goal. However, it was frowned upon, because the Brazilian attacker was offside in the run-up to the hit.
A few minutes later another goal was frowned upon for offside, but now on the other side. Former Ajacied Arek Milik thought he would lead his team to the lead, but nothing turned out to be further true. In the rest of the first half there was no more scoring. Arbiter Bastien had to shut down the game a number of times, as Marseille fans threw objects on the field at corners.
Even after the break, the competition between Marseille and PSG was entertaining. In the 56th minute, Achraf Hakimi had to leave the field with red, after he deprived Cengiz รœnder a big scoring chance. Marseille also wanted a penalty kick, but the referee gave a free kick. It wasnt utilized. About fifteen minutes later, the next remarkable moment occurred. PSG was in the middle of a counter when a supporter took the field. The fan wanted to take the picture with Lionel Messi, after which the stewards in attendance intervened.

๐Ÿฅต Achraf Hakimi is presented with a red print at the hands of the VAR… ๐Ÿ”ด #ZiggoSport #Ligue1 #OMPSG
โ€” Ziggo Sports Football (@ZS_Voetbal) October 24, 2021

After that, Marseille and Paris were given plenty of opportunities to make a goal. However, both teams did not do so, leaving the goggles on the scoreboard after ninety minutes. PSG remains first in Ligue 1 with a wide lead. Olympique Marseille is now fourth.