“Martínez still had the praise trumpet for him in the Italian press in his head”

Vitesse-tastemaker Oussama Tannane was competently played out of the match on Sunday by Edson Álvarez. Henk Spaan calls the defending midfielder of Ajax one of the highlights in the cup final.
Ryan Gravenberch and Antony also impressed the columnist. ‘That form is always and eternally between the ears, evidenced by the game of Antony and Gravenberch. They came back from a dip and played their best game since March’, writes Spaan in his section in Het Parool.
That was not true for Lisandro Martínez, who was still strong in the past duels. ‘Mysterious was the performance of Martínez, who lost the ball in the sixteenth minute, dangerous situation solved by Álvarez, and who, a quarter of an hour later, got into a pass along the line, from which the equalizer fell. He might still have the praise trumpet for him in the Italian press in his head.
Spaan notes that Vitesse ‘
could only keep up with it by kicking. ‘ ‘Álvarez had to be taken care of twice: Tannane got frustrated. His weapons were the studs, target the instep of Álvarez. He didn‘t get a chance playing football. ‘