Martins Indi, De Vrij and Drenthe as examples: ‘Benefits greater than disadvantages’

Sportmarketers Chris Woerts and Marcel Beerthuizen will look at the advantages of the European Championships after the current coronas season. The clubs can make big money if some of their players do well. Stefan de Vrij, Bruno Martins Indi and Royston Drenthe are good examples.
Beerthuizen thinks back to 2014, when Oranje did great. โ€œFor example, Feyenoord benefited from this during the World Cup in 2014. The transfer value of Stefan de Vrij and Bruno Martins Indi increased considerably because Oranje performed so well,โ€ says the sports marketer in conversation with Algemeen Dagblad. โ€œI think few clubs will be unhappy that their players will be called to the European Championships. I can imagine that the sentiment in, for example, practice internals is sometimes different.โ€
Woerts cited another example with Drenthe. In the case of the former Feyenoorder, it was about the youth EK. โ€œReal Madrid suddenly took over him for 15 million euros. That was well taken advantage of then and therefore a tournament always offers opportunities for clubs. The advantages, I think, are greater than the disadvantages. Of course, there are risks and certainly in the full calendars of today. After this tough season, a number of players are already on their back legs and it is to wait and see if that means more injuriesโ€, concludes Woerts.