Marvel releases hour-long video of Zemo dancing from ‘Falcon and the Winter Soldier’

Marvel decided to please fans and released an hour-long version of a scene from the episode Falcon and the Winter Soldier with a dancing Baron Zemo. An excerpt from the third series, where the villain played by Daniel Brühl lights up the dance floor of Madripur, quickly turned into a meme and went online. After that, the actor gave an interview in which he told that in the first version the dance was even longer, and he was his comprovisioned.

According to Brühl, Zemo, who spent a long time in prison, in a similar situation would just want to relax and let off steam — the actor wasnt even sure that this moment would remain in the final version of the episode. However, the moment became a hit of the networks, and viewers began to demand an extended version of the scene, nicknamed it ZemoKat — in the manner of history with the Justice League.

Marvel first posted an extended scene, and then shared the hour-long version of the dance on repeat. Today, by the way, the fourth episode of the series was released – there are two more to the finale.

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