Marvels Eternals given 18+ rating in Russia due to LGBT hero

A new film in Marvels Eternals film universe has been restricted to 18+ in the Russian process. This decision was made in connection with the participation of an LGBT hero in the film, this tape in the MCU movie universe was the first with a similar rating in the country. In the original, the film has a limit of 13 years .

Apparently, its about Brian Tyree Henrys character, Fastos, who has a husband in the picture. The actor previously mentioned that the first LGBT kiss will be shown on screen for the first time as part of the MCU.

events of the film tell about a group of supernatural beings who have looked after humanity for years without interfering with history. However, the appearance of the Eternals long-time enemies, the Deviants, made them reconsider their views and take part in saving the universe.

The tape is directed by Chloe Zhao (No Mans Land), will premiere on November 4. More on Gamermania The new Nintendo Direct broadcast will take place on the night of Friday November 12 Disney will unveil new content on Star Wars and Marvel Based on Kingdom Come: Deliverance to release board game.