‘Marxist Forum’ wants to be in SP Party Board

The ‘Marxist Forum’ within the SP wants to provide candidates for the board of the party. The Forum wants the SP to become left and more democratic. Links with youth organisation Rood must also be restored and the expulsion of members of the ‘Communist Platform’ must be reversed.

The Marxist Forum has existed since September last year and has been set up to unite the Marxist wing within the party. It feels that the SP does justice. โ€œWe are facing a different course than that of the current party summit; then we must try to replace it,โ€ says President Hardam of the SP in Rotterdam. He is also a candidate for the national party presidency on behalf of the Marxist Forum.

Declarations of support

The Forum also believes, among other things, that the SP should actively try to overthrow the capitalist order. Furthermore, it strives for political independence. According to the promoters, this means that the SP must organise itself independently of state and capital, and not simply enter into a government coalition.

The candidates are now collecting declarations of support. If they have enough, they can officially run. The elections to the SP Board are in November.