Mass anger in UK to Vaccines Commitment

The obligation for young people to be vaccinated if they want to enter a club or discotheque in September is completely in the wrong throat hole of the British. The hospitality industry is pislink but scientists and judges also support criticism.

Prime Minister Boris Johnsons announcement came as a complete surprise, as his ministers Michael Gove and Nadhim Zahawi recently denied plans for a vaccine passport.

Nightlife is ferocial. โ€œA week ago, the Health Minister told us vaccines would not be mandatory,โ€ said Director Michael Kill of the Night Time Industries Association. โ€œWhat an absolute mess.โ€

Kill doesnt understand it: โ€œThe governments own report on vaccine passports showed that they did more good than harm โ€” so how can this be explained?โ€ British media such as the Daily Mail also wonder where the U-turn comes from.


Scientists and judges are now backing criticism. Former Supreme Court Lord Sumption finds the measure โ€œcompletely unnecessary.โ€ Director Prof. Carl Heneghan of the Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine (Oxford University) cynically responded to Twitter and Professor Sir Jonathan Montgomery, who was chairman of the British Government Ethics Committee on contact tracing, warns of the moment when incentive and compulsion meetโ€.

โ€œDoes the government really think that this treatment crosses the line of those who doubt the vaccine?โ€ , fulminates Peter Marks, CEO of REKOM UK nightclub.


The OMT in the Netherlands proposes to test young people hopping from club to club, even if they are vaccinated. Otherwise, they can still spread the virus. The British are just throwing everything open โ€” for everyone.

โ€œHow can it be safe to go to a nightclub now without any measures, and in September you need a double vaccination status?โ€ , Labour politician Justin Madders wonders. โ€œIt doesnt make sense.โ€