Mass demonstrations France, Italy and UK against coronapas

In countless cities around the world, protesters have taken to the streets to demonstrate against the so-called โ€œcoronapasโ€ and other measures. Thousands gathered in Paris, amongst others. In total, demos were announced in 180 places.


In France, just like a week ago, many thousands of people took to the streets on Saturday to demonstrate against the health pass and compulsory vaccinations. The first demonstrations were reported in the south of the country, in Valence, Narbonne and Pau, as well as in Paris, thousands of protesters expressed their displeasure about corona policy. Critics of the restrictive measures argue that they are excessive and mainly affect children and poor.

In various places in the capital, protesters clashed with the police. At the Champs-ร‰lysรฉes police used tear gas. In Marseille, protesters turned against a camera crew from television channel BFMTV and would have kicked a journalist.

Last week, at least 110,000 people argued against the restrictions imposed by the government in the interests of public health. Almost as much were expected on Saturday.

Measures have been tightened last week. Visitors to French museums, cinemas and event venues have to show evidence since Wednesday that they have been vaccinated against the coronavirus or tested negatively. The government wants to tighten the rules even further in August. Then people will have to show such a vaccination certificate in hospitality stores and some malls.

There is a lot of resistance among the French, for example in business like the hospitality industry. Movie owners have complained that theyve seen their clients fall by 70 percent since Wednesday. An association of restaurants has announced that it will not check the requirements.

United Kingdom

In the British capital London, a substantial mass came to the so-called Worldwide Rally For Freedom, writes Daily Mail. The protesters gathered at Trafalgar Square to demonstrate against corona passports, face masks and lockdowns. Notorious conspiracy thinkers and right-wing activists were also present.

Protesters and activists talk about โ€œmedical tyranny.โ€


In other countries too, this week was demonstrated against the coronapass, including Italy. Thousands of Italians took the streets on Saturday. Starting August 6th, they need a special pass to enter numerous public places.

The protesters who took to the streets in Rome, Milan, Turin and Naples, amongst others, opposed these far-reaching measures, restricting unvaccinated people in their freedom.

The so-called green pass indicates that someone has been vaccinated, recently tested or cured of Covid-19, and is required to enter a restaurant, bar, gym, stadium, cinema or museum.


Dublin also demonstrated Saturday, as in Australia, where thousands of people gathered in Sydney to resist the lockdown in the country. Clashes followed with the police. 57 people were arrested.

In total there would be demonstrations in 180 cities, decceIT writes. Hundreds of people gathered in Amsterdam too. There was gathered in the Nieuw-West district after which a tour of the city followed. The city centre was referred to as forbidden terrain by the municipality.