Mass Effect Legendary Edition has already set a series record on Steam

Mass Effect Legendary Edition was released on Steam only a couple of hours ago, but in such a short period the collection managed to reach a record peak online series. At the time of publication of the news, the remaster already had over 30 thousand people – Mass Effect 2, which until the last moment held the title, on the release in January 2010 on Steam was slightly more than 13 thousands of people. The totals of the entire series on Steam: Mass Effect (2008) โ€” 4,183 Person Mass Effect 2 (2010) โ€” 13,320 People Mass Effect 3 (2012) โ€” 673 Person Mass Effect: Andromeda ( 2017) – 2843 people Mass Effect Legendary Edition (2021) – 31 119 people.

However, it is important to note something: ME3 and โ€œAndromedaโ€ appeared on Steam much later initial release โ€” only last year, when EA began to return its games to Valve store en masse. Now the online legendary edition continues to grow actively – I wonder what values it will be able to achieve in the coming hours and days.

However, players on PC should be warned – people complain about the bug, because of which after choosing the right game it can not start and reactivates the client menu. In Russia, players also complain about the inability to include in ME1 English voiceover with Russian text – only with Russian voice acting.

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