Mass Effect Legendary Edition officially on sale โ€” launch center

Following the premiere of the console versions of the Mass Effect Legendary Edition, which took place at midnight, the compilation reached PC owners โ€” it is available on Steam and Origin. In this note, we have collected links to the most interesting and relevant materials about the trilogy, as well as recall the main details of the project. Legendary Edition is a remaster of the Mass Effect trilogy.

Developers have updated the textures and models of characters in scale, and in the first part even changed the design of locations, the combat system, role aspects and much more. Visually, she got the biggest update.

The compilation included not only the full versions of the three games, but all additions โ€” except one, Pinnacle Station for the first Mass Effect. But it is not worth getting upset, it was the weakest of all.

Read more about updating the games Where to buy and how much does it cost? Steam โ€” 3499 rubles PlayStation Store โ€” 4899 rubles Microsoft Store โ€” $60 Origin โ€” 3499 rubles. BioWare told about the creation of the Mass Effect trilogy in honor of the release of Legendary EditionWhat did the remaster come out? Judging by the first reviews – worthy.

Some things have been redone, which may not appeal to some part of the audience, but in general the work was done worthy. And finally there is an opportunity to buy the whole trilogy with all the content without special froths.

On aggregators at Mass Effect Legendary Edition from 86 to 91 ballIn Russia, however, because of the first Mass Effect, an unpleasant situation arose: EA included in the collection voiceovers from the โ€œGolden Edition& raquo;. It is simply impossible to play a remaster with English voice and Russian text, at least now.

Either completely in English, or completely in Russia. Unfortunately, in Mass Effect 1 from Legendary Edition you can not combine Russian voiceover PS4 and Xbox One there are two modes of operation – with increased resolution or personnel frequency.

On PS5 and Xbox Series X through backward compatibility, you can play at high resolution at high frame frequency (4K at 60 FPS) . Up to 120 FPS: EA talked about the work of Mass Effect Legendary Edition on ConsolesComparison graphics media compared the original and the remaster of Mass Effect โ€” a mass of screenshots BioWare showed a fresh Mass Effect Legendary Edition trailer with comparisons New footage of the original and remasters of the Mass Effect trilogy compared the Original and the remaster of the Mass Effect trilogy compared side by side BioWare compared Captain Shepherd from the updated and original Mass Effect.

History of the creation of the trilogy Mass EffectBonus โ€” Soundtrack with new track ResynthesisBioware presented the Mass Effect Legendary Edition soundtrack with new track โ€” ResynthesisJust a parody of the music video of the song Big Enough performed by Garrus.