Mass Effect Legendary Edition on PC and original voice over with Russian subtitles

The reissue of Mass Effect Legendary Edition pleased players with a lot of innovations and improvements, but at the same time disappointed with the choice of localization. As you know, in the first part of the series, the language of voice and subtitles changes simultaneously, and it is not possible to choose them separately. However, players have found a way around this restriction – so far only on the RS.

True, for this you will have to run a โ€œbuttnikโ€, a script that automatically makes the necessary changes to the settings files. It has already been adapted for Russian-speaking players.

Launching the script allows you to choose any desired language in the launcher and, if desired, include the original voice and Russian subtitles. Detailed instructions and troubleshooting help can be found in the Steam Community Mass Effect: Legendary Edition.

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