Mass Effect Legendary Edition sales strongly beat expectations and other since EA report

EA conducted a quarterly report โ€” annual figures fell a few percent, but were above expectations of the company itself. A year earlier, the entire segment grew due to global quarantine. Together, sales of Mass Effect Legendary Edition and It Takes Two came in above expectations, although the publisher did not disclose exact results.

Especially EA notes the Mass Effect remaster, which managed to โ€œsignificantly exceed expectations. โ€ EA chief Andrew Wilson confirmed that thanks to the full release of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order on PS5 and Xbox Series, old players have returned to action and new ones joined.

The publisher will continue to invest in this series โ€” as in Mass Effect. Wilson also said that it makes sense to release a new Battlefield about every 2 years, but the series is also trying to consider as a full service and free entry ( numerous rumors claim that BF 2042 will have an opportunistic free component).

Other data from the FIFA 21 report has over 31 million players on average a week, Apex Legends plays an audience very happy with the Battlefield 2042 announcements and the Dead Space remake. More on Gamermania Amazon has again postponed New World โ€” now until September 28 the Cohen Brothers will no longer make movies together โ€” Ethan is tired of Halo Infinite movie in beta falls up to 540p on Xbox One and Xbox Series S at 120 FPS.