Mass Effect scriptwriter and composer want to help with the series

Recently it became known that Amazon Studios has almost agreed with Electronic Arts to create a TV series for Mass Effect โ€” and some of the authors of the series wanted to help. In particular, screenwriter Drew Karpishin and composer Sam Hoolik reacted to the news. Karpishin was the lead author of the plot of the first two parts and the creator of three novels on the universe.

In addition, he is considered a specialist in the mythology of the franchise. Karpishin noted that he does not take part in the project, although he wants to see it on the screen.

But the author is ready to act as a consultant if the creators of the show need his help. Khulik also worked on music for the game trilogy โ€” he just said that he was ready to become a part of the production of the project.

There are no details about a possible series based on the series of games yet, but they will surely appear after the official announcements. More on Gambling The Uncharted Collection and Babylons Fall received ESRB ratings To Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous released two free DLCs Fans bring PlayStation Home back to online 6 years after closing.