Massacre after shelling Syrian hospital, also child killed

Two artillery shelling in the North Syrian town of Afrin cost at least sixteen people on Saturday. First, a residential area was hit and a hospital shortly afterwards. Approximately thirty injured as well.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported that a doctor, three hospital staff, three women and one child died from the hospital attack.

The city is in the hands of Turkey-backed rebels. Turkish sources say that the Kurdish militia YPG, part of the Syrian Democratic Armed Forces (SDF) fighting with US support against President Assad‘s regime, would be behind the attack. The SDF denies that.

According to the governor of the Afrin Turkish province of Hatay, the shelling came from Syrian government-controlled area.

Turkish soldiers regularly attack Kurdish battle groups in Syria. Ankara sees YPG as an extension of the PKK forbidden workers party and hence as a terrorist organization. It has put thousands of soldiers in the area.