Master League and other single player eFootball modes to sell as DLC

Konami talked a little more about monetizing the coming eFootball, noting that the fan favorite Master League will return โ€” those who wish to purchase it separately like other singles modes. โ€œMaster Leagueโ€ appeared in Pro Evolution Soccer more than 20 years ago. In it, players need to form and manage their own team.

The first players are weakly different, but gradually the ranks are joined by more experienced players. For PES fans, this mode has become important because you can play it indefinitely โ€” theres no final point, you just keep improving your team to perfection, when she becomes invincible.

The Master League in the shareware eFootball will be a premium addition. To the word about mobile versions.

The popular PES mobile 2021 is not going to get pelted โ€” the app will be fundamentally updated, turning it into eFootball. Part of the progress will be transferred to a new version of the simulator, which will have crossplay with consoles and PC.

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