Matchwinner in Rotterdam: ‘I have a bear body, I make good use of’

Reda Kharchouch was Excelsior‘s great hero on Friday night. The forward scored twice against Vitesse, leaving the home team off the field with a 3-1 win. Excelsior has been clear so far and has collected six points after two games.
ESPN entered into discussions with the match winner at the end of the game. Kharchouch’
s second hit in particular was of great beauty. โ€œI was brought here to score goals. Last year they had Dallinga, a monster striker, so I was met for goals. I make them happy and I‘ve been important.โ€
On the third hit of the evening, Kharchouch played well and gave the assist on the 3-1. โ€œI actually wanted to shoot, but I saw that Kenzo (Goldmine, ed.) is so free that you have to play it. Imagine I shoot and I miss him, who says you pull that 2-1 over the line?โ€ , the attacker wonders out loud.
m not the fastest, but I do have a bear body and make good use of it,โ€ says Kharchouch. In the third round, Excelsior hits favorite PSV, but the attacker doesn‘t care much about that. โ€œNine out of three? Who knows? We are eager. You never know what’s going to happen. We are a unit and we have a young team. You never know what is achievableโ€, concludes the goalscorer.

๐Ÿคฉ Excelsior striker scores twice in close succession. Meanwhile, Vitesse reached 2-1 via Nikolai Baden Frederiksen. #excvit
โ€” ESPN NL (@ESPNnl) August 12, 2022