Materials British soldier found at work on A15

During the work on the passage of the A15 in Bemmel, the remains of a British soldier were found. The discovery was made during the detection of unexplosive explosives near the highway, writes Omroep Gelderland.

According to the Army, the soldier was probably killed in September or October 1944, during the late days of Operation Market Garden. During that offensive in World War II, fierce fighting took place in the area between British and German soldiers.

The body of the soldier also found a rifle, a helmet and a fountain pen. The remains have been transferred to a laboratory in Soesterberg. There is an attempt to find out the identity of the soldier.

During the preparations for the passage of the A15, archaeologists found a complete Roman tomb field more than two years ago. And recently some 7000 year old remains of hunters and collectors and the first farmers were found.