Max Verstappen doesnt feel like bitchfight with Charles Leclerc

Max Verstappen hopes to get everything out of the closet once more this season. The Red Bull driver preys on a good result in Abu Dhabi after his fast downturn last Sunday in Bahrain.

Verstappen was the victim of a kamikaze action by Charles Leclerc, who tapped the final winner Sergio Pรฉrez in turn four, after which both Leclerc and Verstappen ended up in the wall. โ€œVery unfortunate, but unfortunately things like that sometimes happen in racing,โ€ says the Limburger about his fifth downturn this year.

He called the action of Ferrari driver Leclerc ‘stupid’, but when asked, he had little interest in dwell on this with the Monegask. โ€œI‘m not interested in that at all. I just want to drive one more good race and then go home. We don’t have a bitchfight. We both fell out, and that‘s what it is.โ€

The future of teammate Alexander Albon is still uncertain. Red Bull says not to cut the button over the seat next to Verstappen until after the race in Abu Dhabi. โ€œMax is clearly very fast and talentedโ€, says British Thai about Verstappen.

And about his own season: โ€œAs a driver I think I am further than a year ago, also mentally speaking. I’ve had a few good races, but obviously also a few bad ones. Of course it was not as we would have liked in advance. There is no clarity as far as 2021 is concerned.โ€