Max Verstappen jokes after second training: Im going to claimen

Mercedes was no match during the second training for the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. Valtteri Bottas was the fastest with a time of 1,36,276. Teammate Lewis Hamilton followed two tenths of a second.

Max Verstappen was good for the third time, just like both Mercedes drivers on the medium-band, but admitted almost eight tenths to Bottas‘s fastest lap. At one point the Red Bull driver had to break a quick lap. ,, It was okay, nothing crazyโ€, says Verstappen after the second training. , Mercedes looks very strong again, despite the fact that I couldn’t ride a fast lap on the softest tire. We still have some work to do. On a day like today, I‘m mainly busy finding the limit and finding out how far you can go by car.โ€

Logically Verstappen didn’t look crazy about the fact that Mercedes was faster. ,, That is so all year round. Anyway, I‘m going to claim my seat again…โ€ He refers to the chair in the press conferences on Saturday and Sunday, where he has often been in number three. On Thursday, Verstappen just pretended to take his chair with him after chatting with the international press.

Verstappens teammate Alexander Albon noted on the softest band the fourth time. Behind that, it was very close together.

The second training in Abu Dhabi stopped for more than ten minutes, because the Ferrari engine in Kimi Rรคikkรถnen’s Alfa Romeo broke down and the rear of his car was on fire. The experienced Finn was able to stop his car and get off and even helped the marshals to put out the fire.