Max Verstappen sighs: ‘Forgot this race very quickly’

Max Verstappen had a particularly disappointing GP of Turkey. A very moderate start, two spins and ‘only’ a sixth position. โ€œLet‘s forget this race very quickly.โ€

Verstappen continues: โ€œIt was just a difficult game. I got very close behind Sergio (Pรฉrez, red), but lost my down force and then I was spinning. After that, I was stuck. It wasn’t catching up, it was so bacon slippery. We quickly went to other tires, but it didn‘t run after that. It just didn’t work out, yes difficultโ€, the Dutchman sighted against Ziggo Sport.

That Verstappen had a bad start was no surprise to him. โ€œYes, I knew that beforehand that was going to happen. Too little grip on the inside there. The circuit was too slippery. We have to forget this race very quickly.โ€

His competitor Lewis Hamilton became world champion for a seventh time. With this, the British matched Michael Schumacher‘s record. โ€œThat’s very special for Lewis. It was also a very good game of him, of course.โ€

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