Max Verstappen wins Formula 1 game for the ninth time

Max Verstappen is another step closer to becoming a world champion. On Sunday evening, he won the race in Mexico. Max Verstappen started from third place, and he already managed to drive in the first corner in the front. That hasn‘t changed the whole race.

Lewis Hamilton

Max’s major competitor Lewis Hamilton came second. He said after the race that he found the game very lonely because he couldn‘t keep up with Max Verstappen.

Sergio Pรฉrez, Max Verstappen’s teammate, came third. Sergio is from Mexico, which is why it was extra special for him to be on stage. He is the first Mexican ever to get that done in Mexico. He calls it his โ€œmost beautiful stage spot ever.โ€

Of the last seven races, Max has won four, and he won nine in total this season. He now has 19 points more than Lewis Hamilton.

Four more races are coming, after which it is known who is world champion. Nevertheless, according to Max Verstappen, it will remain exciting, because everything can still happen.