Max virtually tears over Zandvoort

No Formula 1 Grand Prix at the circuit of Zandvoort this year, but something that should represent a season in the royal class. Virtually, however, an RB16 by Max Verstappen can be torn across the dune circuit, in F1 2020. As you may expect after years of further development, the game is almost perfect, but the AI is still frustratingly bad from time to time.

What is it?

In F1 2020, as in previous editions, you will take a seat in one of the seats in the racing sport of the same name. Sitting next to Max Verstappen at Red Bull Racing is an option in the campaign, just like actually racing a lap on a circuit with the Dutchman. In the latest edition there is a twist: in addition to racing yourself, you can also become the team boss of a race stable and show how an F1 team becomes successful.

In addition to the My Team mode, the traditional campaign has also been given a peer minor additions, such as having an actual overtaking button (which used to be a bit more tampering), updates introduced by engine suppliers at fixed times and, of course, the addition of two circuits: Zandvoort and Hanoi.

Is it what?

While F1 games always try to come across as realistic as possible, given the 2020 season, its not too bad that Codemasters doesnt take this too literally. Otherwise Zandvoort would have been left out and Mercedes would have dominated every GP with two fingers in the nose. No, the addition of a somewhat unrealistic scenario as a brand new eleventh team on the grid is a welcome addition, as is the return to Zandvoort.

The main point of criticism is still the AI, which, regardless of the level of difficulty, still does bizarre things that make a racing wheel (or controller) suffer. Unexpectedly applying the brakes hard, totally ignoring an approaching car during a free practice session or constantly going for a hole that really isnt there. To then cause a crash where you will be blamed. This ensures that the game never approaches perfection, although it is a fun title to play.

Plus and minus points

+ My Team mode fun and time-consuming addition

+ Still racing at Zandvoort in 2020

+ Easier setting changes during race

– AI now and then really stupid

– Deluxe Schumacher doesnt add very much


Apart from the return of stupid AI, F1 2020 feels fresh again. In 2019 you got the option as a player to partly drive in Formula 2, now you get the chance to run your own race stable. Big changes may not happen in real Formula 1 this year, in the digital version you wont have to get bored easily. The question is how Codemasters can top this addition next year with the latest edition!

This review is in collaboration with XGN.NL