Maximum temperature record long not below 10 degrees

Never before has the maximum temperature remained in double digits as long as this year. In De Bilt the counter is currently at 229 consecutive days with 10 degrees or more and that is a record. From April 1, the mercury has not been below 10 degrees. That reports Weeronline.

The previous record was established in 2011. Then, from 27 March to 9 November, the maximum temperature continuously came in double digits. A series of 200 days or more with maximum temperatures of 10 degrees or higher has so far occurred in just 16 of the 120 years that is measured in De Bilt. Remarkable: of those 16 years, 10 fall into this century and only 6 in the entire 20th century.

The fact that such long series with soft days are more frequent, according to Weeronline, is entirely due to climate change. Due to the warming climate, the temperature is higher than before and temperatures of 10 degrees or more have become much less rare.