Mayor fears, “Im worried about a large group of people coming together.”

Mayor Mark Boumans van Doetinchem foresees problems for an eventual promotion of De Graafschap. The Superboeren can officially promote to the Eredivisie on Friday and that will attract the necessary supporters.
Boumans hopes that as many supporters of De Graafschap as possible will stay home. Like so many, Im just a supporter of the club, he says to Omroep Gelderland. But from the perspective of being mayor, I am quite concerned about large groups of people coming together. The contamination rates are high and hospitals are still full in the Achterhoek.
Boumans understands that supporters of De Graafschap want to go to the stadium to celebrate the party, should it come to that. We are preparing for that and we think of different scenarios. We are not so afraid of riots, but we want to ensure that no more people end up in hospitals.
Managing Director Hans Martijn Ostendorp says that there will be no
grand honory. We call on behalf of the club to supporters to watch the game at home. When supporters come to the stadium, we will try to regulate it as best as possible.