Mayor Halsema announces trial search in Amsterdam

“We’re going to pilot the drug,” the mayor said in a debate with the city council this afternoon. “And evaluate this one at a time. Initially for a month.”

These are small-scale checks in which a specific ‘hot spot’ can be targeted but a-selective. Independent observers will be present during the searches.

Shooting incidents

The plans had been announced earlier this year but seemed to be off the rails after criticism from the council. The shooting incidents of the past few days have changed this. Yesterday and the day before yesterday, two shooting incidents took place in the Vechtstraat in Amsterdam-Zuid. A 23-year-old man and a 19-year-old man were injured. Both victims were said to be part of the rap scene. According to the police there is probably no connection between the two incidents.

Yesterday morning, an apartment in Amsterdam Zuidoost was shot at several times. According to Het Parool, it is the home of the 23-year-old rapper who was shot in the Vechtstraat on Tuesday.

It is not yet clear in which areas of Amsterdam preventive searching will be experimented with. The mayor emphasizes that preventive searching is not a panacea and will not stop the violence just like that.

‘Preventing riots in the city’

According to the mayor, young people in Amsterdam have been prevented from rioting twice recently. In The Hague and Utrecht several times this month there was violence between rioters and the police. Dozens of arrests were made and rioters were banned from the area.

“In Amsterdam we know those calls too”, said the mayor. And we’ve been able to intercept them twice. Once in New West and once in East. With the help of street coaches, police and enforcers we were able to prevent something from happening.”