Mayor of Midden-Drenthe: ‘Fast temporary road along railway Hooghalen’

The municipality of Midden-Drenthe wants to build a temporary road along the railway at Hooghalen as soon as possible. The reason is a fatal train accident at an unguarded level crossing in May.

In the interests of the municipality, NS and ProRail also believe that it is “time for action”. According to ProRail, an accident was narrowly avoided on Wednesday at an unguarded level crossing near the crossing where the fatal accident occurred in May.

The road should be along the east side of the track. If that road is there, landowners no longer have to use the unguarded level crossings and they can be lifted.

Sparky conversation

Morning, the parties engaged in a conversation with one of the landowners. According to mayor Damsma that was a lively conversation. “But we are very happy that we all came to a solution,” she told RTV Drenthe. “I also understand that the land is very important for farmers, especially now in the middle of the harvest. It does of course mean that we now need space for such an emergency road.”

Damsma says she understands the farmers’ point of view. “We’re not just siding with NS and ProRail, it’s a joint effort. But we are there as a municipality for all residents.”

When the emergency road is built, the mayor doesn’t dare say. “Preferably tomorrow, but I’m not an engineer. So there’s very little I can say about that, but as soon as possible, of course.” A definitive road will be built at a later stage.