Mayor Veenendaal quits SGP after discussion of cooperation with FvD

Mayor Gert-Jan Kats van Veenendaal says goodbye to the SGP. He claims to have reached that conclusion after many considerations and a long process. Hell stay on as mayor.

Last weekend, the mayor wrote on Twitter that he was reconsidering his SGP membership after a discussion within the party about whether or not to cooperate with Forum for Democracy. โ€œWith openly anti-Semites you cross a line that you should not want to cross. Too bad the party doesnt pull this line,โ€ the mayor said on Twitter.

His decision, according to the mayor, has not only to do with last weekends discussion. โ€œI come to the conclusion that the party and I have grown apart politically over the course of years. Not on one specific point, but on multiple topics and points of view.โ€

Kats says the party congress gave him the last push. โ€œThe point I would have liked to see is that party-wide unequivocally distancing parties and individuals who turn against inclusive societies and increase rather than reduce the contradictions. I have missed that clarity and I regret it.โ€

According to RTV Utrecht, Kats emphasizes that the cancellation of his membership is a personal choice and is separate from his position as mayor of Veenendaal. โ€œMayor is not a political function, so for my commitment to Veenendaal, this choice has no meaning. Without binding to a political party, I will continue to work fully for everyone in our beautiful city.โ€