Mayor’s statements fall wrong with NEC: ‘With surprise knowledge of taken

Hubert Bruls rulings have fallen wrong at NEC. The mayor of Nijmegen spoke out about the riots after the NEC and Vitesse match, but spoke for his turn according to the club.
After the Gelderse derby, which was played again for the first time in four years, it went out of control. Bruls stated that he finished the violence with clear language. โ€œEnough is enough,โ€ he said in the Gelderlander. โ€œIts a shame to our city. Theres been a border crossed. What happened before, during and after the game is a disgrace to our city. As far as Im concerned, everyone caught Sunday gets a lifelong stadium and environmental ban. If not, I withdraw NECs license.โ€
NEC says through the official channels that it is not happy with Brulss statements. โ€œFirst of all, we would like to stress once again that what happened last Sunday is absolutely impossible to get through the bracket. This is not part of the N.E.C. club and we will do everything we can to punish the guilty. We have mentioned that several times over the past few days and there can be no misunderstanding about that. Neither will the mayor,โ€ says spokesman Nick van der Cammen.
โ€œWe have taken note of his statements tonight with astonishment. With such texts, we anticipate the evaluation that is yet to take place and impose expectations with very far-reaching consequences. That doesn
t seem to us,โ€ says Van der Cammen. โ€œTomorrow (Thursday, ed.) the quadrangle will be evaluated. The mayors words are now putting extra pressure on that.โ€
โ€œAs N.E.C. we communicated from the outset that we didn
t want to get ahead of things and not to draw premature conclusions. Thats what we stick with. These things should be discussed first in the quadrangle. That makes sense too, because thats how youre supposed to communicate with each other and not in public. Thats how were used to working at N.E.C.. That is why we are not going to discuss this situation any further at this time. Managing Director Wilco van Schaik will join the quadrangle this week and will be talking about that.โ€

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โ€” N.E.C. Nijmegen (@necnijmegen) October 20, 2021