Mazraoui ‘on pink cloud’: “After that match, my phone exploded”

Noussair Mazraoui looks forward to the start of the Champions League. He now knows what its like to be active with Ajax at the highest European level. Mazraoui made a name for herself in the successful 2018/2019 season.
He broke through as a right-back in that season and equalized against Bayern Munich. I was already on a pink cloud. And this came on top of it again. That we kicked it right to the semifinal was hard to realize, Mazraoui tells Ajax TV.
After Mats Hummels 1-0 Mazraoui was in the spotlight. At Dusan Tadic
s report, he made equal. The cheering was very casual and I walked very quietly, but that wasnt because I was cool. That was because I couldnt believe it. I thought, Whats happening to me?
That match against Bayern made faith. That
s what we showed that whole campaign. I dont think the Ajax supporters will ever forget that. After that game, my phone blew up. From that moment on everyone knew who Mazraoui was.