‘Mbappe mega contract leaks out: PSG goes very deep into the pouch’

Kylian Mbappes huge salary at Paris Saint-Germain is on the street. The New York Times has revealed the financial details of the agreement.
After a months-long transfer soap, Mbappe drew a line in May by switching to Real Madrid. Instead, the 23-year-old attacker extended his expiring contract with PSG until mid-2025, saying that French President Emmanuel Macron
s words, among other things, impressed him. But a look at his salary slip probably also helped with his choice.
According to The New York Times, Mbappe will earn 250 million euros in the Parc des Princes over the next three seasons. That amounts to more than 83 million euros per season. The French international also received a sign bonus of 125 million euros. Thats a record: never before has a football player received so much drawing money.
Nevertheless, Mbappe insists that money is not the main reason for staying with PSG. โ€œNo, because no matter where I go, I will make money.โ€
Mbappe will take on Juventus in the Champions League with PSG on Tuesday night. The kick-off in Paris is at 9 p.m.