McConnell excludes rapid treatment impeachment in Senate

There is little chance that President Trump will be deposed before future President Biden is inaugurated on 20 January. That‘s what Mitch McConnell, the leader of the Republicans in the Senate, said. With only a week left until Trump leaves the White House, McConnell says there is not enough time for a โ€œfair or seriousโ€ trial.

In a statement he made after the vote in the House, McConnell writes that the country now benefits most from a smooth inauguration of Biden. He also points out that earlier impeachment proceedings in the Senate always took at least 21 days. McConnell is the man who is pulling the strings among Republicans in the Senate, and thus has the key to how this impeachment continues.

The Senate is recess until next Tuesday, January 19. McConnell does not want the Chamber to return earlier for a vote called for by the Democratic leader Chuck Schumer.

Video by Trump

By the way, McConnell did not let go of his own position in the statement when the case is dealt with by the Senate. โ€œI have not yet decided how to vote and I intend to listen first to the arguments presented to the Senate.โ€

The New York Times knew earlier that McConnell believed that Trump had committed criminal offences. According to the newspaper, he would be pleased with the Democrats’ attempt to depose the president.

After the vote by the House of Representatives, the President himself was heard in a video. In it, he did not react directly to the impeachment. However, he called the storming of the Capitol last week โ€œshocking and sadโ€.

Trump is being charged with inciting an insurrection. A majority of Members of the House say that he can be held responsible for the storming of the Capitol, killing five and wounded dozens. Ten Republicans also voted for impeachment.

One of them, David Valadao, explained on Twitter that Trump is a โ€œdriving forceโ€ behind the storming. โ€œHe has encouraged a mass of rioters to commit violence against elected representatives.โ€

The impeachment is the first step that could lead to the deposition of Trump as president. But even after the inauguration of Biden, Trump can still stand trial. If the Senate votes in favour by a two-thirds majority, it means that Trump will not be able to re-elect by 2024. The earlier impeachment attempt against Trump was killed in the Senate, where the Republicans have the majority.