‘Meat, Blood and Fatality’: First Footage and Details of a New Film by Mortal Kombat

The network has seen the first footage and details of Mortal Kombats full-length relaunch, directed by debutant Simon McQuoyd. The story will tell about mixed martial arts fighter Cole Young, a new hero of the universe who has a mysterious mark in the form of a dragon. When Shang Tsungs hunt opens on the hero, he walks away from pursuing the emperor and his fighter Sab-Ziro, finding himself in Raidengs temple.

There, he begins training with other fighters to protect his world โ€” but to do so Young needs to reveal some power of his soul. At the same time, the tape will touch on the topic of confrontation between the Hanzo and Bi-Han clans, and the prologue will show the emergence of feud during feudal Japan.

The director describes the project as โ€œa family drama with brutal battles. โ€ In the painting, in addition to the named characters, other famous heroes of the universe will appear: Jax, Sonia Blade, Liu Keng, Kung Lao, Kano, Milina, and so on.

The production director made sure that everyone at the venue knew and respected the mythology of the original games and was willing not to hit the dirt face in front of franchise fans. Part of that plan has to do with a rating that looks likely to be โ€œfrom 17 years oldโ€ (R) .

The director didnt want to go into the maximum adult rating so the film could be seen by more people, but also limited to PG-13 wasnt going to either. โ€œThere will be meat, blood and fatality in the filmโ€ Simon McQuoidThe premiere of the picture is to take place on HBO Max on April 12, and three days later the tape will be released in Russian rental.

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