Media: 53% of video game writers faced humiliation at work

According to a new study by the Writers Guild of Great Britain, about 53% of game writers have experienced humiliation at work. A total of 800 industry representatives were interviewed, some of whom are members of the Guild itself. Negative examples are ill-treatment of employees by superiors, dismissals for complaints about unprofessional behavior, etc.

According to the conclusions, about 48% of game writers experience various health problems associated with stress and burnout. To remedy the situation, the Guild has released a special document explaining the basic principles that screenwriters and their supervisors should adhere to at work.

In addition, the document provides tips on possible solutions that can help with the โ€œtoxicโ€ atmosphere at work. More on Gambling Crimson Desert‘s new gameplay video shows Netflix weather system about 2022 premieres: Resident Evil series and Cyberpunk 2077 anime Heirs of Gucci offended by Ridley Scott’s โ€œHouse of Gucciโ€.