Media: about Elden Ring will be told by the end of March — March 23?

Reputable journalist Jeff Grubb told in a fresh release of his own podcast that Bandai Namco and FromSoftware plan to share news about Elden Ring by the end of March. It is possible that the project will become part of Microsofts game show – it, according to other media, will take place on March 23. What exactly will be shown at the presentation is unknown, but surely it is worth waiting for the demonstration of upcoming games of internal and third-party developers for Xbox.

However, as Grabb notes, the fresh details of Elden Ring can be postponed until April – now you cant be sure of anything. However, right now the game is scheduled to be shown within a month.

Elden Ring announced almost two years ago, but apart from a vague teaser and involvement in the development of Songs of Ice and Planes author George R. R.

Martin is not known about the game. Developers didnt even submit a list of platforms.

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