Media: Babylon 5 relaunch launched for The CW

According to TV Line, original โ€œBabylon 5 author J. Michael Strazynski is developing a relaunch of the project for The CW channel. The original premiered in 1993 โ€” the series told the story of a civilized center in the future, where humans and different aliens could solve various disputes peacefully.

However, with the outbreak of the great wars, the station took on a whole new meaning, becoming a hope for victory The story of the updated version is about Officer John Sheridan, who is sent to the station for a five-year mission. His arrival sets off a whole series of events that will affect the entire galaxy.

Strazinski himself will be the screenwriter of the upcoming series again, but there are few other details about the project yet. More on Gamemania Fans participated in an interactive story by Dying Light 2 โ€” Results The new Demon Slayer trailer -Kimetsu no Yaiba- dedicated to Adventure Modeโ€ Yandex to become a pre-installed browser on devices in Russia.