Media: Bobby Cat knew about the harassment in Activision Blizzard, but hid it

According to The Wall Street Journal, Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotik knew about sexual harassment for many years, but kept silent about It is reported that many women were often subjected to harassment, harassment and other manifestations of sexism on the part of their superiors. For example, one of the employees was sexually assaulted twice after being drunk by a supervisor. The woman filed a complaint with the HR department and the police, and threatened to take action, but she was ignored.

The case did not come to court – later the company resolved the issue with the victim, and Kotik hid the information from the board of directors. In August, the company appointed Jen Oneill & mdash; the following month, the woman wrote a letter to lawyers in which she criticized her superiors and shared her own experience of harassment.

According to her, she was harassed and paid less than her male counterparts. And Oneill also described a shady Activision employee party that Kotik himself attended.

There were pole dancers at the event, and a local DJ persuaded the companys employees to โ€œdrink more so that their male colleagues have a good time. โ€ Kotik himself claims that he does not remember such a party.

Oneill recently resigned as co-head of Blizzard. The next flagrant case of injustice was accusations of harassment against Dan Bunting, co-head of Treyarch Activision, which stood at the production of several successful Call of Duty games.

Banting sexually harassed one of the employees after drinking alcohol at night. HR department recommended to dismiss him, but Kotik interfered in the case, and it was decided to use other punitive measures.

It is reported that Bunting recently left the company after reporters asked about the happening. Last year alone, 30 employees of the esports division wrote a collective complaint letter .

The women noted that they were โ€œtouched without permission, subjected to humiliating comments and appraisals, and were not invited to important business meetingsโ€. Bobby Kotik has read this letter.

It is reported that the company has already taken measures to improve the atmosphere and inclusiveness in the unit. In addition, Kotik himself was accused of ill-treatment of employees.

So, one woman admitted that the head of Activision Blizzard left her a voice message saying that โ€œhe would have killed her. โ€ Kotik apologized and dealt with the case without judicial intervention.

In 2007, he was sued by a flight attendant who was harassed by the pilot of his private jet. She was fired after she complained, but Cat denies it.

exceptMoreover, the arbitrator reported that the head of Activision Blizzard told the flight attendant and her representatives that he would โ€œdestroy itโ€ โ€” however, he denied it, too. believe that the causes of misconduct are alcohol abuse in the workplace and a culture of minimal interference with the activities of gaming studios.

Former employees admitted that they were uncomfortable complaining to HR about the improper behavior of male colleagues, including comments about the appearance of employees, sharing explicit material and group trips to strip clubs. The accusations and complaints continue to this day โ€” more than 500 applications have already been filed.

The HR department began reporting such cases directly to headquarters only in 2019. A representative of Activision Blizzard assured that the company is investigating the allegations, using the help of both internal and third-party teams.

Bobby Kotik responded to the accusations by stating that The Wall Street Journals story โ€œpaints an inaccurate and misleading image of the company, of him personally and of his management. raquo;.

He said that Activision Blizzard is already struggling with inappropriate behavior among employees and plans to reduce it to zero. More on Gambling Addiction DiCaprio, Lawrence and the Killer Comet – in the trailer of the comedy โ€œDont Look Upโ€ Total War: Warhammer III improved battles and added new elements to them Bloodlines 2 authors are happy with the development progress.