Media: Chris Evans could get separate project outside of ‘Captain America 4’

On the background of the recent announcement of the development of Captain America 4, the Deadline portal added a couple of interesting details. So, according to sources, the new tape should really be dedicated to Sam Wilson in the role of Captain, but Chris Evans will have his own separate potential project on the same topic. What is specifically talking about is unclear, but rumors about the actors return have already appeared in the media, although he later denied them.

Whether these projects will have the same screenwriters and directors is unclear. For the plot of the new Cap is responsible for the showrunner Falcon and the Winter Soldier and another of the authors of the series.

The finale of the series itself took place yesterday, April 23, and the rating of the last episode over the past time on IMDb dropped by several points, from 8. 7 to 8.

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