Media: Christopher Nolan will no longer work with Warner Bros.

On The Wall Street Journal published material about streaming and market changes, where they mentioned that Christopher Nolan is about to end a long collaboration with Warner Bros. Sources note that film production changed significantly this year due to the coronavirus pandemic, forcing studios to change their strategies. The biggest was Warner Bros.

‘s decision to release the next blockbusters simultaneously in movies and HBO Max. But such a move proved very controversial for Hollywood, forcing the studio to strike a sea of new deals.

For example, Will Smith agreed to this plan only for an additional $60 million – and now his new film โ€œKing Richardโ€ will also be released under this scheme. One of those who didn’t make the studio‘s decision was Christopher Nolan, who had worked with the company for quite some time.

Previously, he generally called HBO Max โ€œthe worst streaming serviceโ€ โ€” and, it seems, now the director will look for new business partners. Some speculate that it may go to Sony, which does not yet have its major streaming service.

According to insiders, Disney is also actively making deals with actors whose new films are moving to Disney+. Also, as it turns out, Tom Holland and the Russo brothers new film โ€œPo inclinedโ€ was sold on Apple TV+ for $40 million, as the project for a long time did not want to engage in major studios.

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