Media: Contrary to rumors, Superman wont appear in “Shazama!” sequel

According to Variety, despite a number of rumors in the past, Superman will not appear in the sequel Shazama! . The director of the film, David F. Sandberg, noting that such situations often change, without having to confirm or deny the information to the media.

According to the director, in the middle of filming the first tape the team was sure that in the picture Henry Cavill will appear – but in the end it was only necessary to limit himself to a cameo of Superman with the help of a dubbing. Finally, Sandberg joked that the only thing he is sure of 90% is the appearance of Shazam himself in the sequel.

Earlier, media reported that Cavill was supposed to have a cameo in one of the coming DC films, but in which — unknown. And it‘s still unclear when the actor will succeed in returning to Clark Kent’s image, if it works out at all.

Cavill himself last May said he was not going to leave the role. More on CCeit New Blade found a screenwriter in the person of one of the authors of Guardians HBO Authors Factorio are preparing a major addition Where did Alice McGe& raquo; and what is its creator busy?.