Media: Discovery author will be engaged in the script of a new film on “Star Trek”

According to Deadline, Studio Paramount hired Kalinda Vasquez to create the plot of a new film in the Star Trek universe. Apparently, she offered some new idea for the story, so Whether the fresh tape will include the cast of past films is unclear. But J.

J. Abrams, as in the case of the third picture, will act as a producer.

Before that, Vasquez worked on the scripts of Star Trek: Discovery, as well as Fugitives, Escape and so on . In addition, she is busy on the adaptation of Roger Zhelyaznas Road Signs with George Martin, which is created for HBO.

The last film on Star Trek was released in 2016 & mdash; since then there has been information about tape in the universe from Quentin Tarantino, as well as Noah Hawley (Fargo), but in the end the projects remained at the level of concepts. More on CCeit Announced Blaster Master Zero III for PS4, Switch and PC Youssef Fares: Cyberpunk 2077 received an unfair amount of criticism In Rust added underground rail network.