Media: Disney+ audience growth slowed and failed to meet analysts expectations

In a recent report, Disney noted that the number of subscribers to the Disney+ service reached 103. 6 million people – this is below analysts expectations. The latter predicted about 110 million people for this period – the cause of unmet expectations seems to have been the slow growth of subscribers as a whole.

With what specifically this is related, it is unclear – some point to insufficient release of new products, while others believe that the service simply has already reached its core audience. Below expectations was also revenue for the last fiscal quarter โ€” $15.

6 billion instead of the expected $15. 93 billion.

And the earnings of parks that closed doors due to the pandemic fell by 44% compared to last year – to $3. 2 billion.

The firm expects that in the future the situation will improve when business returns to normal working course, overcoming the limitations of the pandemic. For example, โ€œShang-Chiโ€ and โ€œMain Characterโ€ will return the cinema window rental – it will be 45 days.

And only after that the pictures will appear in digital services or other venues. It will be the first full-fledged premieres of the studio in cinemas since the New Mutants.

The rest of the tapes, including โ€œBlack Widowโ€ and โ€œJungle Cruiseโ€, will also appear on Disney+ in premium access. At the same time, this window is still twice as short as standard, which was relevant before the pandemic – it was 90 days.

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