Media: Disney film about evil Cinderella sisters launched into development

According to Deadline, Disney has launched a new feature film about the evil sisters of Cinderella from the story of the same name. The tape will be a musical comedy that will rethink the familiar story from the point of view of those very sisters, and the plot will tell about them from childhood and, it seems, will affect the period after a happy wedding Cinderella itself. Kristen Huig and Annie Mumolo (โ€œBarb and Star are going to Vista del Marโ€) are responsible for the script of the project, who will act as a director โ€” unclear.

Sources suggest that Uig and Mumolo may also play lead roles, as in the case of their latest painting, but so far this is only a theory. The tape does not have an exact premiere date, and the development itself is still at a very early stage.

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