Media: Disney nominates Gina Carano for Emmys despite firing

The studio nominated Gina Carano for Best Supporting Actress category in Disney‘s Emmy Awards promotional campaign โ€” despite being fired. The speech, of course, is about the role of Kara Dune in โ€œMandalorzaโ€ โ€” besides her, the studio offers the authors of the award to consider as various nominees almost the whole actor composition of the project, including guest stars. It is far from the fact that the organizers will really take into account Disney’s proposal, since similar promotional campaigns are engaged in other studios, but the chances of appearing in separate categories are project participants are.

Why Gina Carano remained on the list is unclear. Perhaps a similar obligation was stated in the contract with the studio, and she is obliged to fulfill it despite the scandalous dismissal of the actress.

Or maybe the poster itself, which appeared on the network, was not updated. This time, the award ceremony is due to take place on September 20.

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