Media: Doctor Strange 2 to be refilmed โ€” 6 weeks of additional filming

Plenty of โ€œStrange‘s Doctor 2″ scenes are being re-shot, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Filming takes place in Los Angeles. How significant is the change? Insiders say it’s about six weeks of filming or even more.

The team works 6 days a week. Sam Raimi leads the process.

Michael Waldron is responsible for the script. Which actors other than Benedict Cumberbatch are involved in the additional filming is unknown.

They say that at least 2 weeks will be devoted to filming episodes that were unable to shoot previously due to problems caused by COVID-19 โ€” the inaccessibility of actors and the beginning of a new wave of pandemic. It was previously reported that โ€œDoctor Strange 2″ will be released in May 2022.

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